A Natural Oasis

You shall want to drink from this oasis once you see what the CHSLD Herron can provide you in terms of comfort, services and classy facilities.

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Certified Nurses

A reassuring presence, someone you can confide in, an experienced professional, a well-trained advisor, regardless of the way you will consider our certified nurses, they will keep your body and mind healthy.


Our devoted, engaged staff accompany you everyday and makes sure you maintain a comfortable standard of living. Everything was designed to provide CHSLD Herron residents with cognitive and physical impairment with basic services on-site, eliminating the need for travel. Indeed, they can find everything under a single roof! Here are a few examples:

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Katasa has made significant investments to transform the Herron Residence into a modern, well-equipped, and inviting establishment.

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The CHSLD Herron is located in a delightful setting at 2400, chemin Herron, in Dorval. Families can easily visit the residents and the latter have easy access to urban amenities.


Below, find out all the latest news at the CHSLD Herron.




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Art therapy

Location & Contact

514 631-7288

2400, Herron Road | Dorval (Quebec) | H9S 5W3

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