About the CHSLD Herron

The CHSLD Herron is a private residence offering high-quality care to semi-autonomous seniors and people with cognitive or physical impairment. We are responding to the desires of anyone who wishes to grow old gracefully, by personalizing the care, in accordance the person’s needs and rhythm.

A world of possibilities

The days when residences and CHSLDs offered limited or optional services are long gone. We provide all our residents with a wide range of benefits which will have a huge impact on their daily lives–on the short-, mid- or long-term. Here are some examples:

  • Adapted care services
  • Fully furnished, private room
  • Clinical file management/follow-up
  • Cognitive and physical wellness program
  • Personalized meal plan from a dietician

A world of possibilities is waiting for you, society’s dearest elders. Katasa offers you the dignity and respect you deserve.

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