Dear residents,


We know that the situation we are all facing brings along much misunderstanding, many inconveniences, and very strong emotions from everyone. The lack of human contact is missed by all, just like the comfort of our loved ones.


However, to ensure the security of our loved ones, our friends, our family, we all must remain united and respectful.


We remind you ints forbidden to go outside.


If you need help shopping online for your groceries, or anything else, Management will be happy to help you. You can also order your meals from the dining room, we will bring it up to you.


We understand we're going through a tough period, but, we remain convinced that by respecting the recommendations of all government levels we will get through it quickly.


Together, we'll manage to find what matters to us most.



Katasa - CODVID-19
  • Katasa - CODVID-19

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